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Skura company is located in the southern coast of Albania, in the town of Himara. Skura specialises in olive oil production from native olive varieties.

The company started producing olive oil in 2009, when a new production plant was implemented.

For the production of our olive oil, only centuries-old olive trees variety are used.

The variety used is the small wild olive of Himara named “Nisjot”.  This variety produces oil in small quantities but with higher nutritional value.




Respecting our roots and our beautiful nature, we use the local cultivar, the Nisjot olives, guaranteeing a flavourful olive oil, rich in nutrients and benefits.

The production method we use is very simple and genuine. We want our olive oil to have the same flavour and the same values in batch, hence the entire process is performed manually.

After the collection and the selection, the olives are cold-pressed immediately to preserve their nutritional properties.

The extracted oil is stored in a cool chamber until the bottling process where our oil is packaged and prepared for sale.

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Being a family business, we truly value the importance of tradition. We live by it everyday, and want to continue to grow while staying true to what we are and what our ancestors taught us.

Still today our method of production is the traditional manual one. We collect, select and process manually the olives until the cold press, to have the most rich and flavourful jaded olive oil.


The olive trees are not only enriching the beautiful Albanian landscape but they also support the ecosystem. Since we only use traditional non-invasive methods to collect and to process our olives we are helping maintain a balanced and natural ecosystem.

Currently our efforts are put into using the natural by-products by the crushed olive pits as fuel. This alternative to wood, will minimise waste and deforestation.